RiverTree focuses on options trading with  ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and the review of strategies that can generate regular income with limited principal risk.  For several years, interest rates have been at historic lows in the United States, and fixed-income investments have produced limited returns.  As a result, other investment strategies have been favored over fixed-income investment.  In the fall of 2021 increases in employment and rising inflation estimates suggest that the Federal Reserve System will revise its policy stance.  Federal Reserve policy revisions will likely reduce quantitative easing and subsequently increase interest rates.  However, for the investor, income-generating options strategies may continue to be a useful strategy for generating investment income and limiting risk to funds.

There are a number of options strategies that are typically considered to produce modest returns with limited risk.  These income strategies attempt to increase cash flow and return principal.  Options income strategies frequently involve “writing or selling”  put and call options contracts.  Selling options generates income from premiums.  In addition, income may also come from dividends and the capital appreciation of underlying equities.