During the 2021 calendar year, RiverTree focused on options trading with  ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and income strategies intended to generate income with limited risk.  Interest rates had been low in the United States for several years, fixed-income investments had poor returns, and options income strategies provided a considerable opportunity to generate income and conserve principal.  Early in 2022, a number of factors changed in the US economy and financial markets.  These changes included increasing core inflation, Federal Reserve revisions to quantitative easing policy, a series of increases to the Federal Funds interest rate, and geopolitical risk in Eastern Europe.  Unfortunately, it became more difficult to reliably “write or sell” an options contract, and then hold it until expiration.  In response to the new trading environment, RiverTree will be adjusting its approach to options trading.  These changes will be reflected in the Trade Log and various website articles over the next few weeks.